Project Capsule: Eldorado to Ivanpah Transmission

Location: Ivanpah, NV
Owner: Southern California Edison
Contractor: Par Electric
Project Value: $17 Million
Project Highlights

  • Completed 592 foundations
  • Achieved early completion goal for Par (as many as 100 foundation poured in 1 week)
  • No Safety Incidents
  • Full environmental compliance


Project Capsule: Devers to Palo Verde II

Location: Devers, CA
Owner: Southern California Edison
Contractor: Par Electric
Project Value: $43.7 Million
Project Highlights

  • Completed 2,136 foundations 
  • No OSHA Recordable Safety Incidents
  • Full environmental compliance
  • Kenny Construction (EPC) and Par Electric (Prime) have received high praise from SCE for a job well done.


Project Capsule: ComEd Illinois

ComEd Illinois

Location: Northern Illinois
Owner: ComEd
Contractor: C.J. Drilling
Project Value: $15 Million
Project Highlights

Minonk, IL 

  • Constructed 8 Foundations
  • Managed access roads, sub contractors and outages

Algonquin, IL 

  • Constructed 60 Foundations & direct embeds

Dixon, IL 

  • Constructed 9 Foundations
  • Critical outage deadlines
  • Low headroom, under live lines
  • 24 hour operations
  • Rock and wet hole drilling
  • Full use of CJ Drilling's in-house concrete pumping and pouring operations

Lemont, IL 

  • Provided 1,600 access and road mats
  • All mat moving and road construction services
  • Constructed 44 Foundations
  • Drilled Shafts
  • Rebar Cage Construction
  • Surveying
  • Concrete Pumping & Pouring
  • Setting Anchor Bolts
  • Concrete Finishing
  • Setting Pole Bases with our Cranes

Project Capsule: Susquehanna to Roseland (PPL)

Location: Scranton, PA
Owner: TBD
Contractor: Par Electric
Project Value: $43 Million
Project Highlights

  • Completed 300 extremely large foundations (10’ to 14’ diameter 30’ to 77’ deep)
  • Shared the work of 60 foundations with Longfellow.
  • 3 phases have been completed ahead of schedule despite being brought in after another contractor was terminated.
  • Up to 10 drill rigs operating at peak production periods.
  • Blasting, perforation and down hole hammering required.