Building Construction

CJ Drilling has an elite team of foundation drillers with tremendous experience and the greatest reputation, capable of completing the most difficult of foundation projects.

This experience, coupled with our extensive fleet of drill rigs allows us to team up with you to drill foundational piers for both new construction and retrofit projects.

Our inventory of drilling rigs runs from the Soilmec SR-100, which allows us to drill shafts over 11 feet wide and 300 feet deep, to our CJ "Little C" drill, which we can fit through doorways for retrofit drilling applications.

Our hauling fleet allows us to transport any of our rigs to virtually anywhere in North America. From building piers to retaining walls, CJ Drilling can team up with you on your next construction project. 

We are pleased to announce the addition of Charlie Fitzpatrick, East Coast Regional Manager, to our team. Mr. Fitzpatrick has led the foundation construction and many of the most challenging building projects on the East Coast, and will help grow CJ drilling into the premier foundation driller in building construction for the East Coast region.